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Nicole Ramsey, Master of Liberal Studies program

Glasscock School of Continuing Studies

Campaign Goal - $32 million

A Gateway to the Rice Experience 

Since 1968, the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has served as a bridge between Rice University and its home city by engaging Houstonians through educational outreach. The school currently attracts more than 12,000 enrollments each year. Thousands of Houstonians look to the school to enrich their personal lives and help prepare them for new professional opportunities, and more than 4,000 teachers of college preparatory courses receive professional development through the school.

The Centennial Campaign will solidify the Glasscock School’s status as a leader in continuing education nationwide and support the university’s commitment to engaging Houston through educational outreach. Our goals are to make tangible contributions to improve our city, particularly by training K–12 teachers; provide innovative educational and cultural resources; and most importantly, build a new facility to strategically enhance our offerings while visibly communicating our commitment to engaging all citizens.

With the philanthropic support of the Centennial Campaign, the Glasscock School will continue to demonstrate how great universities and great cities can benefit and inspire each other.

A New Home for the Glasscock School — $24 million
The broad educational offerings at the Glasscock School are of the highest quality, but the facility that houses the school — a corrugated metal building from the 1960s — is not. Our new facility will serve as Houstonians’ gateway to the Rice experience, strengthen our ties to the community and cultivate greater vibrancy on campus.

Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership — $5 million
The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership will play a critical role in strengthening Houston’s community groups by educating nonprofit leaders, philanthropists and development professionals and by helping them to acquire a deep and multifaceted understanding of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Our long-range goal is to develop a master’s degree in nonprofit management.

Endowment for the Dean of Continuing Studies — $3 million
The resources provided by an endowment will allow the dean of continuing studies to pursue new opportunities and respond to emerging needs. For example, the endowment could be used to elevate K–12 teaching in Houston, strengthen Houston’s professional workforce, expand daytime programming and e-learning options for  retirees and enhance lifelong learning by further developing the Master of Liberal Studies degree program.

The new home for the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, designed by the architectural firm Overland Partners, will be located near Entrance 8 on University Boulevard, the university’s most frequented gateway. Designed in Rice’s characteristic style, yet with a contemporary turn, the three-story, 51,000-square-foot facility will include a commons area and terrace for events, 24 classrooms, conference rooms, a language center and a large freestanding auditorium. The facility also will feature the very latest “green” design standards, and its courtyard and great lawn will transform an area now covered in concrete and asphalt into a beautifully landscaped oasis. Watch the video below to learn how the new building will enliven Rice’s campus and uplift the city of Houston.

View renderings of the proposed building here. 

The Glasscock School’s students, their interests, and their reasons for taking our classes are as diverse as the city of Houston itself. Read our students’ stories to find out how our classes have made an impact on their lives and careers.

For more information about supporting continuing studies, contact your Rice development representative or Iska Wire, director of development at the Glasscock School, at 713-348-6126 or iska@rice.edu.