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Martha Smith '66 and Mavis '66 and Gary Anderson '66 present their 45th reunion check during halftime at the homecoming football game.

Reunion Giving Results

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Please click through the tabs to view your class's current giving progress and reunion giving committee. Giving and participation totals are updated monthly and include gifts and pledges to the Rice Annual Fund since January 1, 2014. Reunion giving goals will be announced in August. Homecoming and reunion weekend is scheduled for November 7-9, 2014.

Make your gift online with a credit card and then double or even triple your gift through your or your spouse's corporate matching gift program. Multi-year pledges are also a great way to make a reunion campaign commitment, as the full amount of the pledge is recognized. Thank you for supporting your class's reunion campaign!

YR Reunion 


Gifts & Pledges Received Participation Goal Participation to Date 
197440th $150,000$66,44940%22%

Last Updated: 8/31/2014 

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  • 1974
  • 1979
  • 1984
  • 1989
  • 1994
  • 1999
  • 2004
  • 2009

Reunion Giving Chairs
H. Randolph Bailey
Nancy La Motta Crabb
Dave M. McStravick, Ph.D.


Reunion Giving Committee
Robert Arnett
Sara Lou Brown
Ryn Rhea Bowers
John N. Chatfield
Nancy Stooksberry Cole
Peggy Saunders Davis
W. Alvin Early
Richard P. Ganchan, Jr.
Billy E. Hale
R. Dennis Hamill
Jerry Hanson
Ben B. Hollingsworth, Jr.
A. Charles Jackson
Michael Evan Jaffe
Albert N. Kidd
Fred Lawrence
Donald K. Lewis
Donald B. Longcope, Jr.
Lucy Meinhardt
Anne d'Olier Mullen
Fred Pickel
Daniel P. Redmond, M.D.
Caroline C. Reynolds
Jacoby A. Scher
Franklin E. Schroeck, Jr.
James M. Schultz
John W. Sylvester
Martha McKean Wright
James T. Yardley

Reunion Giving Chair
Chuck Bracht
  Reunion Giving Committee 
Nancy Flatt
David E. Hairston
Bill Pollack
Jim Woodward
Reunion Giving Chairs
Robert M. Taylor, Jr.
Cathy Keneda Wyman

Reunion Giving Committee
Kathleen Ford Bay
W.J. Bryan III
Corinne Clemons Bryan
Rick Cordray
Jane Dingus
Frank Dumanoir
Bob Frick
Connie L. Luthy, Ph.D., MBA
Art Monzingo
Dave Norton
Thomas A. Propst
James P. Wilhoit

Reunion Giving Chairs
Vicki Whamond Bretthauer
Tim T. Griffy
Martha Ramos Mims
Helen L. Toombs
 Reunion Giving Committee
Catherine Bracken
Harry Burglass
Clint D. Carlson
Bruce Wall Dunlevie
Sydney L. Free
Ann Gifford
Jill Gary Hughes
Nita V. Jackson
Tracy Dittert Janda
Peter M. Schwab
Regina Pappas Seale
Karon Waggoner Whitney
Reunion Giving Chairs
Wylie Donald
Kathy Koch Keramidas
 Reunion Giving Committee
Jeff Alton
Marlon G. Boarnet
R. Bradley Borg
Katherine Eggert
Norman Furlong
Barbra Gerard
Vernon C. Johnson
Andrew Landisman
Karl Maier
Brian R. Marek
Gaye McNutt
R.J. Morrison, M.D.
Felicia G. Porter
Matthew W. Prucka
Beth Oldfather Richey
Jason Robertson
Tammy Leong Taura
Doug Williams
Jerry L. Williams
Molly Livesay Wren
Reunion Giving Chairs
Christopher Buley
Keith Couch
Sten L. Gustafson
Britt E. Jung
Amy L. Sutton
 Reunion Giving Committee
John S. Adair
Christine Coerver Assia
Danelle Dykes Barksdale
Ethan T. Brown, M.D.
Heidi Burnett
Janice Rollefson Chang
Electra Westerlage Elliott
Peter Hellriegel
R. Maynard Holt
Manisha S. Kavadi
Klee Kleber
Joe LeCompte
Richard J. "Chip" Lutton, Jr.
Byron Marsales
Wendi Miller-Tomlinson
Tammy Hobbs Miracky
Lisa Montez
Lizzette M. Palmer
Vytas Petrulis
Roy Shelley
Brian Tagtmeier
Diane Bieber Thurston
Richard Darnell Tyer
Joe Carl White
Andrew E. Wilson
Reunion Giving Chairs
Randy Block
Patrick Good
 Reunion Giving Committee
M. Andrew Chan
Scott Crowder
Kara Kane
Heather Kendall
W. Cannon Lewis
Reunion Giving Chair
Page Gandy
Claudia Gee Vassar
Leadership Giving Chair
JC Kneale
 Reunion Giving Committee
Heather Hardin Dean
Ann Nguyen
Ethan M. Schultz
Jennifer Vaughan
Stacey Neumann Vu
Chuck Whitten

Reunion Giving Chairs
Anna E. Friedberg
Kate Hallaway
Matthew W. Swinehart
Leadership Giving Chair
Stephen Zak 

 Reunion Giving Committee
Kevin J. Bailey
Mark A. Berenson
Meredith Hall Bossin
Mary S. Dilg Dawson
Marylauren N. Ilagan
Heidi Sherman Levyn
Reed Macy
Jill Browning Montagne
Becca Schendel Norris
Serena Rodriguez
Brett Solberg

Reunion Giving Chairs
Margaret Britton
Victor Brooks
Chong Wang
Guy Weissinger
Ted Wieber III
Natalie M. Woodruff

 Reunion Giving Committee
Robert Dahnke
Kevin Hale Hirshberg
Gary W. Johnson
Gillian Kruse
Casey Langwith
Emily Mills
Patrick O'Connor
Catherine Rowntree
Michael Timothy Rowntree
Grace Wichmann

The following classes hold the giving dollar and participation records for their respective reunion classes:

 Class Dollars Class Participation 
5th Reunion2008$92,859200038%
10th Reunion1995$195,647199454%
15th Reunion1994 $322,327198869%
20th Reunion1989$466,188198459%
25th Reunion1979$927,548197753%
30th Reunion1979$1,503,297196456%
35th Reunion1978$931,540196257%
40th Reunion1965$509,1701962/6464%
45th Reunion1961$464,774196071%
50th Reunion1963$1,159,480196287%

Last Updated: 2/13/2014