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Faculty and Staff Giving

Rice faculty and staff understand firsthand the value of investing in Rice and its mission. Whatever our position may be at the university, we each play an important role in educating the brightest young minds, uncovering solutions to pressing global issues and strengthening the cultural and intellectual fabric of our community.

Please join us in support of our university by making a gift today to the Rice Annual Fund, or to the cause or department you are most passionate about at Rice. Your participation will also influence gifts from corporations and foundations, which consider faculty and staff giving rates when determining their own support for Rice.

How to Give
Make a gift by credit card using our online form.

You may also download and complete the form to make your gift by credit card, check or payroll deduction. Click here to download the form, then send the completed form via campus mail to: Faculty and Staff Giving – MS 83.

To discuss future gifts to Rice of your retirement plan assets, life insurance or gifts through your Will or Revocable Trust, contact the Office of Gift Planning at 713-348-4624 or visit www.rice.planyourlegacy.org.

Listed below are a few of the giving opportunities most frequently supported by faculty and staff. You may also choose to make your gift in support of any school or department , or to a number of important causes across campus about which you are passionate.

Rice Annual Fund
The Rice Annual Fund for Student Life and Learning supports student financial aid, departmental budgets and virtually every aspect of campus life. These unrestricted, current-use funds go to work immediately to strengthen essentials and enable the university to seize opportunities as they arise.

Athletics — Owl Club*
The Owl Club generates current-use scholarships for student-athletes in 16 varsity sports.

Friends of Fondren
The Friends support Rice’s academic programs by funding Fondren Library collections and facilities.

HOOTS provides academic scholarships to FE&P, H&D, RUPD and Parking & Transportation employees and their dependents.

The Shepherd Society
The Shepherd Society provides scholarships for talented students in The Shepherd School of Music.

*Current federal income tax law allows donors an 80 percent charitable deduction on an athletic contribution to educational institutions where donors receive benefits. 

Does my gift really make a difference?
Yes! The more people who choose to give, the greater the collective impact will be. Your gift, no matter its size, helps Rice provide a remarkable education for the talented and driven students who contribute to our world-class intellectual community. 

I work at Rice; why should I also donate to the university?
Gifts to Rice have a powerful effect on our ability to remain a top-tier institution by helping the university secure vital resources and seize opportunities as they arise. Your gift also helps to garner fundraising from corporations and foundations, who look for high levels of support from our faculty and staff when making funding decisions.

Rice's endowment is so large. Why should I give?
Rice is fortunate to have a large endowment, much of which is restricted for specific purposes. Rice uses a portion of the earnings from the endowment to provide support for its annual expenses, but these usable earnings represent only 40 percent of the funds Rice needs each year to maintain its excellent programs and high educational standard.

Students pay tuition, so why does Rice need charitable support?
It may be surprising, but tuition covers less than half of the actual cost of a Rice education. Gifts to Rice, as well as endowment funds, help cover much of the remaining cost.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Rice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

If you have additional questions, please contact Sara Rice, assistant director of the Rice Annual Fund, at sarar@rice.edu. 

Each year, passionate Rice employees volunteer their time as “Voices for Rice” to support student life and learning. Volunteers represent schools and departments across campus, attend biannual meetings and share information with colleagues about ways to support Rice.?

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Sara Rice, assistant director of the Rice Annual Fund, at 713-348-5848 or sarar@rice.edu or 713-348-4638, or get in touch with a volunteer representative in your school or department:

Voices for Rice Representatives  

Bill Arnold 

Jones Graduate School of Business

Humaira Baig
Human Resources

Adria Baker
Office of International Students and Scholars

Dagmar Beck
Wiess School of Natural Sciences

Katie Carpenter
Office of Resource Development 

John Casbarian ’69
School of Architecture

Lauren Cavallaro

Debra Cosby
Fondren Library

Danny Eaton
Networking, Telecommunications & Ops

Eusebio Franco
Facilities, Engineering & Planning

David Frels
Glasscock School for Continuing Studies

Abbey Godley
School of Social Sciences

Fidel Gonzalez
Facilities, Engineering & Planning 

Elizabeth Guevara
President's Office

Henny Halliburton
Dean of Undergraduates Division
(Student Center)

Matthias Henze
School of Humanities

Debra Kolah
Fondren Library

Kimberly Lawrence
Public Affairs

Ann Lugg
Brown School of Engineering

Jason Lyons
Baker Institute

Ashley McKenney

Mike Morgan

Polly Morrice
Center for the Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality

Jennifer Overton
Shepherd School of Music

Matteo Pasquali
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Raquel Puccio
Rice Design Alliance

Angela Seaworth
Glasscock School of Continuing Studies

Jody Sommer
JGS External Relations

Tom Stallings
Sport Management

Lisa Tate
Department of History

Lydia Tkachenko
Office of Technology Transfer