Jim Brown: Attracting Talent to Rice

Jim Brown

Professor of Economics and Faculty Associate of Jones College

“What struck me when I first came to Rice, and it still does, is that students here realize that their future does not hinge on the fact that they went to Rice, but rather what they learn while they're here,” says economics professor Jim Brown, a two-time winner of the George R. Brown Prize for Excellence in Teaching, the university’s highest teaching award.

Jim is continually impressed by his students’ eagerness to learn and to challenge themselves with difficult subject matter. “It's what I expect when I meet my students,” he comments. “If you're dealing with Rice students, they are going to get excited about the subject and about sharing it with other people.”

“It benefits everyone on campus when we attract and foster gifted students. I could not imagine Rice without them.” — Jim Brown

He still enjoys witnessing the exciting moment when his students break through and comprehend a difficult theory. “Rice students thrive on discovery and eagerly engage in economic research, and they often raise new questions from which I learn as much as they,” Jim notes.“As an empiricist, I like to see replicated experiments, and I’ve seen the same great traits in Rice students year after year.”

He recognizes that scholarships are a large factor in bringing this unconventional talent to the university. “Bringing bright and curious students to Rice is the most important thing we can do,” Jim remarks. “Anything that goes towards students being able to come here and focus on what they do when they’re at the university benefits all of us greatly.”

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