Michael Devine ’18: Opportunities Abound Inside and Outside the Classroom

Michael Devine ’18 (Will Rice)

Will Rice College president, mechanical engineer, native Texan

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite food: Michael is always on the prowl for great Texas barbecue.

Hobbies: He plays piano and loves dancing the Texas Two-Step with his friends.

Michael Devine ’18 chose to attend Rice not only because it was close to home (and his favorite food: Texas barbecue), but because it had the mechanical engineering program he was looking for.

He has excelled at his studies and has taken his classroom learning several steps farther through hands-on experiences. “I’ve had numerous externships during the last three years,” Michael says, now going into his senior year, “and I love seeing what’s on the inside of a business, whether it’s an engineering firm or a product-based business.” He appreciates the diversity of his academic studies and real-world experiences. “I’ve participated in four engineering-related externships, as well as two for other industries, including a brewery. They’ve all been great experiences, shadowing professionals and getting a glimpse at the inner workings of a company,” Michael reports.

“Financial aid is a real driving factor for me to succeed, because I know there are generous members of the Rice family who are willing to help me achieve my dreams and my career goals.”

Currently, he is interning with Carollo Engineers, an engineering water management consultancy, helping the City of Houston create a plant supplying fresh water for residents. “The amount of planning and coordination it takes for a project of this size is amazing,” Michael remarks. He has enjoyed delving into the inner workings of project management, as well as applying his engineering knowledge to a real-world project.

Michael is keeping his post-graduation plans open for now. “I’m thinking about grad school, but I’d also really love to do something infrastructure-related in the private sector. I want to see what’s out there,” he says. And for Michael and his fellow Owls, there will continue to be a wealth of opportunities.

In the meantime, Michael plans on enjoying his final year as a Rice undergraduate student. He has been elected the 2017-2018 president of Will Rice College and will preside over the residential college during its 60th anniversary. “We have a lot of traditions at Will Rice, like Classy Thursdays and sweeping up wins during Beer Bike. In fact, last year we won both the women’s and alumni races. These traditions make the culture of the college unique, and I want to help it continue to flourish,” he states. Flourish — after all — is what Michael has done, himself.

It is through the generosity of donors to the Rice Annual Fund that Michael has been able to pursue his academic and professional dreams, as well as engage in leadership opportunities like residential college student government. To help Michael and his fellow Owls achieve their ambitions, please consider making your contribution to the Rice Annual Fund today.

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