Mentorships at Rice

The Initiative for Students seeks to strengthen Rice’s mentorship programs and increase the number of alumni, parents and friends who dedicate their time and expertise to give today’s students an invaluable professional and personal edge. Below you will find mentorship programs at Rice that give alumni and friends the chance to connect to Rice students and lend their own expertise to our Owls' education. 

Rice Architecture Mentoring Program

The Rice Architecture Mentoring Program (RAMP) unites architecture alumni with current architecture students to provide personal and professional insights that shed light on the wide range of potential career paths. An alumni committee works with a committee of students to facilitate the mentoring relationships that are at the heart of the program and to produce workshops and lectures.

To become a RAMP mentor, please contact:

Sophie Eichner '16

To learn more about supporting RAMP, please contact:

David Loyless
Assistant Vice President for Development

Student-Athlete Leadership Development Program

Mentors in the Student-Athlete Leadership Development Program work with student-athletes to develop skills that translate into leadership traits after graduation. Program mentor Terrence Gee '86 says of the program: “The key is being able to describe a broader framework for what leadership is all about and getting [students] to share their story and therefore help them to understand how what they are doing right now fits into that framework.”

To learn more about mentorships with student-athletes, please contact:

Lauren Cavallaro
Director of Student-Athlete Development

Rice Center for Engineering Leadership

The Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) is a comprehensive leadership training program that helps engineers become leaders through coursework, training and professional mentorship. RCEL mentors work with Rice’s most promising engineering students to provide insight and expertise for those who are seeking a life of impact in engineering.

For more information about how to become a mentor as a part of RCEL, please contact:

Sara Lillehaugen Rice
Director of Development, George R. Brown School of Engineering

Leadership Rice Mentorship Experience

The Leadership Rice Mentorship Experience (LRME) is a competitive summer internship program for Rice undergraduates who aspire to high-level leadership. During each LRME internship, students are paired with a mentor who is responsible for overseeing the student's learning and personal development.


GradConnect is a networking program in which social sciences graduate alumni serve as career mentors for current graduate students.

"Mentors connect with students in their first and second years and help them get internships," says founder Purvez Captain. "Those internships lead to jobs, and those jobs lead to happy graduate students, who will make happy alumni."

To learn more about GradConnect, please contact:

Laura Welch Fitch
Director of Development, School of Social Sciences

Share your Owl Edge

To learn more about mentorship opportunities that support the Initiative for Students, please fill out our Volunteer Form with your interests and we will contact you within two business days with more information.

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