Initiative for Students Cabinet and Commission

Initiative for Students Cabinet

The Initiative for Students Cabinet will provide leadership for the Initiative, with members who represent Rice alumni, parents and friends who live and work across the country and globe. Cabinet members will share their expertise with regard to:  

  • Developing and expanding the Initiative’s student opportunities. 
  • Engaging community members in Initiative activities. 
  • Advising and contributing to reaching the Initiative’s goals.

Cabinet members include:

Elle Anderson '00

Terrence Gee '86

Joe Grinstein '94

Sten Gustafson '89

Todd Haskins '97

Ben Hollingsworth '64

Tom Hutchinson '98

Rusty Jaggers '73

Alex Kazim '88

Patti Kraft '87

Rob Ladd '78

Holli Ladhani '10

Jay Lamy '95

Charley Landgraf '75

Frank Liu '78

Ford and Catherine Nicholson (parents)

David Rhodes '96

Brock Wagner '87

Gary Yablon (parent)

Initiative for Students Commission

The Initiative for Students Commission provides guidance, insight and leadership during the three-year effort, including representation from alumni, parents and friends who live and work across the country and globe, as well as Rice leaders and current students.

Commission members include:

Wade Allen '80

Stephen Balkum '91

Tara Maya Barry '10

Donald Bowers '91

Janet Braam (faculty)

Scott Brasher '95

Alexander Byrd '90

David Calkins '81

Purvez Captain '93

Alejandro Cestero '96

Priyanka Chandraker '17

Gary Chiles '86

Rachel '80 and Bruce Deskin '83

Janice Doty '60

John Eldridge '74

Anna Friedberg '04

Sparky Frost '07

Wanda Gass '78

Lindsay Germano '01

Michael A. Gibson '73

Jennifer Gigliotti-Labay '03

Al Grobmyer '87

Matt Harrigan '07

Matt Haynie '03

Chuck '76 and Marti Hewell '80

Ann Hightower '80

Wendy D. Hoenig '86

John Hutchinson (faculty)

Chris Keller '14

Ken W. Janda '77

Melissa Kidonakis '07

Cathy Koplovitz '99

Jean-Louis Lelogeais (parent)

Keith Lovin '71

Michael D. Maher '75

Travis Mason '09

Seiichi Matsuda (faculty)

Rick '80 and Cheryl '89 Mifflin

John Miner '88

David Paul '83

Deborah Scher (parent)

Michael and Janet Scott (parents)

Brent Smith (faculty)

Marty Sosland '75

Kris Stone '08

David Thompson '86

Noemie Dharamraj Tilghman '98

Drew and Jimmy '63 Treybig

Claudia Vassar '99

Eric Vu '06

Timmie Wang '05

George Webb '88

Troy Williams '94

Volunteer Leadership

"I believe that it's possible for some really extraordinary things to happen at Rice in terms of the student experience that will continue to set Rice apart. I didn't have to think twice about saying, 'Sure, I'd love to try and be a part of something that important.'"

— Keith Lovin '71, Initiative for Students Commission member

A Conversation with Keith Lovin '71
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