On June 1, we embarked on our most ambitious one-day giving challenge ever to rally the collective support of the Rice community.

Like during last year’s challenge, more than 5,500 dedicated Owls chose to support the university and its students. This is something we can all be proud of — this incredible day of giving raised more than $1 million for Rice and will significantly strengthen the university’s commitment to enhancing today’s student experience. We are yet again overwhelmed by this show of support during the 24-Hour Challenge.

If you took part, we offer you our heartfelt thanks for this outpouring of generosity and appreciate your passion for Rice.

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Still counting!

As of 6.2.17

We are still tallying the official results of the 24-Hour Challenge - thank you for going "Owl in"!

5,591 Donors

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1,000 Donors

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The Owl Club Challenge

In the end, over 1,000 fans of Rice Athletics donated to the Owl Club to show their support of Rice student-athletes!

These gifts, including the $100,000 challenge gift, will maximize the Owl Club’s impact on the Rice experience for 350+ student-athletes by providing more resources for scholarships, academic services, nutrition, resources for sports medicine and sports performance, and more.

The Rice Business Fund Challenge

Supporters of the Jones Graduate School of Business more than doubled their 250-donor goal — congratulations on your success!

These gifts, including the $50,000 challenge gift, will provide essential resources for a number of initiatives at the Jones School, including faculty research and professional development opportunities.

Let the world know you're One for Owls!

Get Ready!You answered the call to be a Rice-keteer and made a gift on June 1 — now what? Use the photo at left as your new profile picture to further show your support of the university! Simply click the image, save it to your desktop or mobile device, and upload it to your social media accounts to make it your profile picture or status update.

Use #1Day1Rice to spread the word — tell everyone you went "Owl in"!

What Counts

Gifts from Owl parents, undergraduate alumni (including the Class of 2017!), graduate alumni, faculty, staff, and retirees to any area on campus will count toward the goal of 6,000 donors in 24 hours. Please give what you can: a gift of any size will count!

How to give

Make a gift of any size — to any area at Rice — online between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. CDT on June 1! You may also donate during extended business hours (8:30 a.m.–7 p.m. CDT) by phone at 713-348-4991.

How a gift to the Rice Annual Fund supports the Owl Experience

Current-use contributions to the Rice Annual Fund go to work immediately and wherever they are needed most. Hover over (tap on your mobile device) each area of support to see how gifts supported the Rice experience in 2015-16!


The Rice Annual Fund provided nearly $5.3 million in undergraduate scholarships and graduate student support for today’s Owls.


Approximately $729,000 was provided for the student center, club sports and recreation programs, as well as residential college life and campus beauty and safety.


Fondren Library, visiting professorships, travel stipends and community outreach initiatives were supported with $1.7 million.


$194,000 supported student development programs and retention activities, first-year programs and academic advising.

  • What is the Board of Trustees’ role at Rice and in the challenge?

    The Rice University Board of Trustees is the highest governing body at the university. This group of alumni and community leaders is dedicated to the continued success of the university and Rice students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The board truly understands the value of your participation, and that's why they set an impressive challenge to promote community engagement.

  • What are some of the other ways my participation will make an impact?

    Your gift will do more than provide essential support for the university. It can also:

    -Increase Rice’s overall alumni participation rate, which factors into rankings by publications such as U.S. News and World Report. Rice currently stands at 15 in U.S. News’ national ranking of universities.

    -Improve the university's ability to secure grants from corporations and other organizations, which take national rankings into account.

    -Reflect your confidence in the value of a Rice education and further enhance that value for current undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Once I make my challenge gift on June 1, how can I stay updated — and how can I help?

    Follow us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram to get progress reports throughout the day to share with your Owl network. Tell them why you support Rice and encourage them to go "Owl in," too!  

  • I made a gift, but I didn’t see the progress bar move. Did my gift count?

    Rest assured, your support has been counted! We are constantly double-checking our gift reports throughout the day and will provide updates to the progress bar approximately every hour. You may also call 713-348-4991 with any questions.

  • Do my spouse and I need to make separate gifts to be counted in the challenge?

    Nope! If you and your spouse are both alumni, proud Owl parents, faculty or staff, one gift will automatically count as two participants. 

  • I’ve already committed to a multi-year pledge — can my gift count toward the challenge?

    Yes! Make this year’s payment toward your multi-year pledge on June 1 to be counted toward the challenge goal.

  • My employer matches my gifts to Rice. How is their matching gift counted toward the challenge?

    Each company that participates in gift-matching has different requirements for paperwork. All that you need to do is make your gift on June 1, then follow your company’s usual requirements for processing the matching gift. We’ll take care of the rest!

  • If I make a gift to either the Owl Club or the Rice Business Fund on June 1, will it count towards the 24-Hour Challenge?

    Yes! If you make a gift to either the Owl Club or the Rice Business Fund on June 1, your gift will be counted towards those respective challenges AND the 6,000 donor goal of the 24-Hour Challenge! That's double the impact on campus!

  • I'm a member of the Class of 2017. Will my donation during the 24-Hour Challenge count towards my class' Senior Gift?

    Absolutely! If you make a gift on June 1, it will also count toward your class’s Senior Gift!

    Your contribution will also enhance alumni giving participation.  As a member of the Class of 2017, your gifts already count toward Rice’s alumni participation because the fiscal and academic year are not yet over. This, in turn, increases the alumni giving participation rates that improve Rice’s ranking in U.S. News and World Report (and other important publications).

  • I have already made a gift this fiscal year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017). If I make an additional gift on June 1, will it count toward the challenge?

    Thank you so much for your donation this year, and we are thrilled that you want to be part of this important giving challenge. Any gift made on June 1 (no matter if it’s your first, third or tenth gift this fiscal year) will count towards the 6,000 donor goal of the 24-Hour Challenge.

Additional questions?

The Rice Annual Fund team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call or email us at 713-348-4991 or giving@rice.edu.

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