Christina Visco ’11 (Hanszen), MBA ’20
Tyler Visco ’10 (Hanszen)

After talking to Rice alums Christina ’11 and Tyler Visco ’10 for only a few minutes, you get a clear sense of just how much the university means to them as individuals, and as a couple. “I think I speak for both of us when I say that Rice was truly the best four years of our lives,” Tyler says. “We have both made lifelong friends who have become family, we met as undergrads in Hanszen, and our magister officiated our wedding.” Christina continues, “I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not been able to attend Rice.”

When Christina first heard about The Rice Investment, the university’s new financial aid initiative, her instincts took over. “I remember instantly screenshotting the email from President Leebron and texting it to my girlfriends from college to share the news,” Christina says. “Later that morning, many of my colleagues — who aren’t Rice alums — kept telling me how excited they were to hear about the new policy, too.”

Tyler admits he felt a little jealous when he heard the announcement. “I’m pretty firmly in the middle class. While I received some aid in the form of scholarships and work study, I still had significant debt when I graduated. I was really excited to see the university get serious about easing the financial burden for middle-class families.”

"Supporting affordable education is more important than ever."

Both Christina and Tyler feel that this new financial aid policy is going to have a tremendous impact on Rice students. “We had friends who missed out on opportunities and fun moments because they were worrying about their financial situation,” Christina notes. “The Rice Investment will make sure that more students can take advantage of the many things that campus has to offer, and that is an invaluable gift,” Tyler adds.

While financial aid endowments will make The Rice Investment a permanent reality, current-use scholarships from the Annual Fund play a vital role in ensuring that this important commitment to access and affordability can take effect immediately. The Viscos have been loyal Rice Annual Fund donors since graduation, and they are committed to continue supporting Rice students.

“Giving back deepens our connection to the university, because it feels like we’re part of something bigger,” Christina says. “So much was given to us over our four years on campus, and we want to be that force for good in someone else’s life.”


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