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His Rice experience, including being a member of the 2003 national championship baseball team, prepared Jeff Jorgensen ’03 (Jones) to pursue a life of impact after he walked through the Sallyport. 

Recruited by Rice Track & Field, Houston native Jeff Jorgensen ’03 chose Rice for its combination of excellence in academics and athletics. “There are only a few schools that combine the two, so Rice was an obvious choice for me,” says Jeff, who majored in economics, managerial studies and sport management. A sprinter for three years, he joined the baseball team after a whirlwind tryout his junior year and started as a centerfielder on the 2003 national championship team.

The discipline he developed as a student-athlete and the open-mindedness he gained from professors and fellow students would prove to be the launching point for Jeff’s career. Indeed, his background as a Rice alumnus and student-athlete has served as a professional asset.

“Throughout my career, I’ve made many connections with fellow Rice student-athlete alumni, and all have become very successful individuals,” he says. “It has been tremendously impactful in terms of networking and career development.”

After graduating with honors from UT Law, Jeff practiced finance law at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP and then transitioned to investment banking at Morgan Stanley and UBS, before becoming a portfolio manager and the director of research with Center Coast Capital Advisors.

Jeff gives to both the Owl Club and the Rice Annual Fund each year to support all aspects of the experience that shaped his path.

“I give to the Owl Club because I’m grateful for what Rice saw in me,” he says. “They believed in me, and I want to prove that they were right to do so. It’s also really important to give to the Annual Fund to support the ‘student’ side of student-athlete. We need to recognize that much of what we are doing now is due to our diploma and not just the jersey that we wore.”

Jeff remains deeply connected to Rice and the campus.

“I live five blocks away,” he says. “I fell in love with this area when I was at Jones College, and now I love bringing my kids to play in the green spaces. My wife and I go on date nights on campus, and of course we go to sporting events. Rice is incredibly important to me and my family.”

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