Abril Brugo '18: Giving back through volunteerism

Abril Brugo '18 (Lovett)

O-Week Coordinator, Houston native, volunteer superstar

Majors: Psychology and religious studies

Favorite extracurricular: Debating for Rice's George R. Brown Forsensic Society

After growing up in Houston, Abril Brugo '18 always imagined she would attend college outside of Texas. She had not considered Rice until her parents suggested she apply, but she recalls she knew she had found the right place as soon as she started watching videos about O-Week.

"I've found Rice's approach to social life and academics allows for and promotes collaboration."  Abril Brugo '18

She remembers thinking time and time again during her first semester, Where did Rice find all of these amazing people? "Every single person I've met at Rice is fascinating," she stated. "They're kind, friendly, hilarious and brilliant; they're what make Rice so great."

Abril is an inspiration in and of herself. Rice's residential college system has given her a home-away-from-home on campus, and she is driven to pay it forward by volunteering. She has served as an O-Week advisor at Duncan College, O-Week coordinator at Lovett College and associates coordinator with Lovett's A-Team of masters, resident associates and college coordinators. Now, Abril is excited to be coordinating Beer Bike for Lovett in 2017.

Her giving spirit extends far beyond campus government. Rather than take a vacation during her 2016 spring break, Abril traveled across the world to learn about human trafficking in Dubai. "I'm interested in Dubai's rapid development into a global city and how that has led to the development of human trafficking rings that exist there now," Abril said. "I know this is an opportunity I wouldn't have had at many other institutions," she said of the trip made possible through the Rice University James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy.

Abril also recognizes the incredible role financial aid has played in her experiences. "Financial aid is the only reason I was able to attend Rice at all," she acknowledged. "I owe Rice everything. It's because of alumni and their generous donations that I am here."

To help deserving Owls like Abril grow into strong leaders, please consider making a gift to the Rice Annual Fund. "Giving back to Rice is a cycle," Abril said. "In contributing, you are setting up the success of incoming classes, making Rice a better place for years to come."

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