Rohit Gupta '18: Hands-on Learning Inspires

Rohit Gupta ’18 (Duncan)

Pre-med rockstar, Colorado native, hiking enthusiast

What sealed the deal: He knew he wanted to attend Rice after living on campus during Owl Days, a program for admitted students

Hidden talent: He has developed eight apps for the Apple App Store with over 35,000 downloads from across the world

Rohit Gupta '18 admits that part of Rice's initial draw was Houston’s balmy climate. After enduring his fair share of Rocky Mountain winters, Rohit was taken by the beautiful campus and its lush greenery. However, he quickly realized that Rice’s stellar academics and its proximity to the Texas Medical Center were — as an aspiring medical student — just as attractive.

“Without the support of the Annual Fund, many students from diverse backgrounds wouldn’t be able to come to Rice and have the opportunity to pursue an education at their dream college. That support really is what makes Rice, Rice.”

Now a junior, he has fully embraced all that Rice has to offer. He is currently in his third year of the Patient Discharge Initiative (PDI) Club and is serving as its president. In this role, he is working to establish stronger ties with Ben Taub Hospital administration to strengthen this vital program, which provides support for patients as they are discharged. Rohit and his fellow PDI Club members take time with patients to explain their medications, provide access to social services, arrange transportation for follow-up services, and more. Through their efforts, Rice students like Rohit help patients get back on their feet and reduce repeat emergency room visits.

Rohit is also gaining hands-on experience as a member of Rice EMS, which he describes as “one of the defining activities I’ve had as a student — although I initially joined on a whim!” He goes on, “The feeling of applying knowledge you learn in class to helping out members of the Rice community is awesome; it’s the greatest feeling ever.” He enjoys providing a sense of security for his fellow students, and he feels that the experience has solidified his aspiration of becoming a medical professional.

In fact, he is already working directly with Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), performing gene therapy research with a pediatric leukemia laboratory. “I love the research itself,” Rohit says, “and I love working with people who are at the top of their field and so passionate about what they’re doing.”

After graduation, Rohit plans to further his education at BCM to pursue his own passion. He is keeping an open mind as to which field of medicine he will ultimately make his own but has learned to trust his whims, so long as they are aligned with his dreams.

In order to help Owls like Rohit follow their own course — and to support programs like Rice EMS that benefit the entire Rice community — please contribute to the Rice Annual Fund today.

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