Student Giving

Giving as a student is a meaningful expression of pride in and appreciation for your education. It supports many of the essentials that make Rice so special, including a diverse and talented student body, an amazing faculty and a vibrant college life. Your gift (of any size) enhances the value of your degree and that of generations of Owls to follow.

Student Philanthropy Committee

The Student Philanthropy Committee (SPC) is a group of student volunteers who share the importance of philanthropy at Rice with their classmates. SPC volunteers organize and promote events, such as senior class giving campaigns and thank-you note-signing stations, while connecting with alumni, parents and friends who support the Rice Annual Fund and keep Rice such a remarkable place to live and learn.

To learn more about becoming a member of the SPC, please email Christa Langolf, associate director of the Rice Annual Fund, or any of the SPC volunteers below.

SPC President
Michael Ricardi '22

SPC Co-Chairs

Baker Brown Duncan Hanszen Jones Lovett
Rocio Gonzalez-Espresati Clement Elizabeth Martin Shucheng Yan Christine Zhao Michael Riccardi
Martel McMurtry Sid Rich Wiess Will Rice
Eddie Ramos Bella Gutierrez
Baker Rocio Gonzalez-Espresati Clement
Brown Elizabeth Martin
Duncan Shucheng Yan
Hanszen Christine Zhao
Lovett Michael Riccardi
Martel Eddie Ramos
Sid Rich
Will Rice Bella Gutierrez

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Rice Owls Give Back

Rice Owls Give Back

Rice Owls Give Back (ROGB) is an annual campaign hosted by the Student Philanthropy Committee during which the student community signs thank you notes to the Rice donors who generously who generously support scholarships and the student experience.

Senior Giving Campaign

Participating in your senior giving campaign is a meaningful expression of pride and appreciation for your education. It supports many of the essentials that make Rice so special, including a diverse and talented student body, world-renowned faculty, and a vibrant college life. Your gift of any size will make a difference!

In addition, graduating seniors are counted toward Rice’s overall alumni giving participation rate. This percentage is used by publications like U.S. News & World Report to rank universities. Rankings can affect Rice’s ability to secure competitive grants and other important funding.

Make your gift today!

Progress by Residential College

Baker 34
Brown 10
Duncan 39
Hanszen 36
Jones 27
Lovett 24
Martel 35
McMurtry 55
Sid Richardson 21
Wiess 29
Will Rice 28

FAQ's about Philanthropy at Rice

Rice has a large endowment. Why does the university need my support, too?

Think of it this way — the endowment is Rice’s savings account, and the Annual Fund is the university’s checking account.

Endowments are restricted funding, and their earnings cover less than half of the university’s annual operating budget. The endowment is extremely important to Rice’s long-term health, but gifts to unrestricted, current-use funds like the Rice Annual Fund play a major role in bridging the gap.

How does the Rice Annual Fund differ from endowments?

The Rice Annual Fund’s current-use gifts are those that can be used right away, without an endowment’s restrictions.

The Annual Fund supports undergraduate scholarships, the residential college system, student and faculty research, and much more. You are helping your classmates when you make a gift!

What does the Rice Annual Fund support?

The Rice Annual Fund supports the overall Rice student experience! The Annual Fund raised $7.9 million over the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Here’s a breakdown of what that funding supported:

Top 4 Areas of Rice Annual Fund Support:

  1. The Rice Investment/ Undergraduate Scholarships = $5.5 million
  2. Library Resources and Academic Initiatives = $830,000
  3. Undergraduate Student Life and Campus Safety = $745,000
  4. Graduate Student Support = $348,000
What if I want to give somewhere else on campus?

You have the power to designate your gift toward what you are most passionate about on campus.

That’s right! You can give to your favorite club, student organization or academic program — wherever at Rice you want to support. The possibilities are endless.

I can only give a small amount. Will my gift make a difference?

Absolutely! In fact, in the 2019–2020 academic year, gifts of $100 or less totaled $317,510! Every gift to Rice has an enormous impact on campus.

How else can my gift impact the university?

Participation is also an important part of giving.

When a current senior or alumnus/alumna gives, his or her gift counts towards Rice’s official giving participation rate, which means that you improve the university’s national rankings and increase our ability to earn grants that depend on community support. (And ANY size gift counts toward participation!)

Participation also measures alumni satisfaction and engagement, so your gift shows your loyalty and confidence in the Rice experience, which increases the value of your degree.

I heard that there are recognition societies at Rice. How do I join them?

Good question! There are quite a few different recognition societies at Rice.

The Parliament: The Parliament is a consecutive recognition society at the university that recognizes dedicated Owls who — by making a gift anywhere at Rice for three or more consecutive years — advance the university’s students, campus and community.

Leadership Giving Societies: The Rice Annual Fund relies on a strong tradition of leadership giving to support the scholarships, academic resources and campus life initiatives that keep Rice unique and vibrant. Recognition at one of these levels is based on unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund, including corporate matching gifts, during one fiscal year (July 1–June 30). Undergraduate students who make a gift of $50 or more to the Annual Fund are considered leadership donors.

Additional questions?

The Rice Annual Fund team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call or email us at 713-348-4991 or


We invite you to mark your own bold impact on Rice's future. Let us know what programs and opportunities you would like to discuss by contacting us at

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