Young alumni play an essential role in supporting the Rice experience by funding scholarship support and dynamic programs that sustain our academic excellence. To increase the impact young alumni have at the university this year, the newly-formed Young Alumni Leadership Council has a challenge for you: the 2017 Young Alumni Challenge!

When 1,500 young alumni (Classes 2006 – 2016) give to Rice by 11:59 p.m. on March 24, 2017, members of the council will make a gift of $15,000 to the Rice Annual Fund. The council is also working to increase leadership-level giving by young alumni, and encourages at least 150 donors to step up to the leadership level.

When planning your trip down to Houston to celebrate Willy Week and Beer Bike, think about how much your Rice experience has affected your life, and make a gift to impact the lives of today's students!

Give before the challenge ends!

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Meet the challenge!

As of 2.15.17

Check back for progress between now and March 24.

786 Donors

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100 Donors
100 Donors

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$ 0 $ 200 $ 400 $ 600 $ 800 $ 1K

A challenge to be leaders

As part of this challenge, the Young Alumni Leadership Council aims to increase young alumni leadership-level giving to the Annual Fund. Leadership giving represents a significant portion of current-use funding and is a great way to amplify your impact on undergraduate scholarships, academic programs, residential college life and so much more. Young alumni who give at the leadership level also enjoy special recognition and Rice networking opportunities.

Charter Society

  • Classes of 2006–2007: $1,000
  • Classes of 2008–2012: $500
  • Classes of 2013–2016: $250

Lovett Society

  • Classes of 2006–2007: $2,500
  • Classes of 2008–2016: $1,000

How Your Gift can go to Work

Young alumni can create an immediate impact through gifts to the Rice Annual Fund. Hover over each area of support to learn more about last fiscal year, 2015-16!

Click here to learn more from students about the impact philanthropy has made on their lives!


Join us in taking part in this important giving challenge!

Make your gift to the Rice Annual Fund before 11:59 p.m. on March 24 to make the biggest impact on students and the university!

2017 Young Alumni Leadership Council

Cameron Alguire ’07 (Baker)                 Gary Johnson ’09 (Sid Rich)
Alicia Burns-Wright ’08 (Jones)          Melissa Kidonakis '07 (Will Rice)
Maggy Britton ’09 (Will Rice)                Steven Loh ’10 (Martel)
Sean Britton ’08 (Jones)                           Amber Makhani ’12 (Duncan)
Anya Bolshakov ’15 (Duncan)                Travis Mason ’09 (Martel)
Victor Brooks ’09 (Jones)                         Rachel Mis ’10 (Will Rice)
Teddy Bucher ’08 (Jones)                         Akash Morrison ’13 (Will Rice)
Dean Burke ’08 (Baker)                              Jonathan Myers ’12 (Will Rice)
Annie Conderacci ’08 (Lovett)              Josh Ozer ’11 (Will Rice)
Clint Corcoran ’07 (Will Rice)               Kristen Hallberg Reavis ’10 (Sid Rich)
Sean Cowan ’08 (Sid Rich)                       Dale Swartz ’09 (Jones)
Priyanka Duvvuru ’14 (Hanszen)         Mallory Johnson Swartz ’09 (Jones)
Sparky Frost ’07 (Lovett)                          Libby Ulman ’13 (Sid Rich)
Eddie Goodreau ’08 (Wiess)                   Adrienne Waddell ’12 (Sid Rich)
Lindsay Goodreau ’08 (Sid Rich)         Ellie Weeks ’14 (Jones)
Arianna Hatchett ’12 (Baker)                 Alexander Wyatt ’11 (Lovett)
Bradley Houston ’10 (Baker)                   Liz Young ’12 (Baker)

Be a part of something big!

“Rice has given me so much — it is an integral part of who I am. I want Rice to keep doing that for students, and I will continue to support Rice so I can be a part of that enormous and awesome effect in folks’ lives.”

– Alicia Burns-Wright '08 (Jones)
Young Alumni Leadership Council

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