The Parliament FAQ

What is the significance of The Parliament? Why should I be inspired to give now?

Rice places great value on yearly giving and seeks to recognize those who have made a commitment to the university each year — and encourage all of our alumni and friends to do the same. Through your steadfast generosity, you and your fellow members of The Parliament provide Rice with reliable sources of support for the exciting endeavors taking place across our campus every year.

I can’t afford to make a large gift right now. Does my $5 contribution really matter?

Yes, every gift (of any amount) matters! The Parliament recognizes the importance of both sustained giving and collective giving. In other words, your contribution joins with other gifts to have a Parliament-sized impact on Rice’s success.

How can I become part of The Parliament?

Giving to Rice for 3 or more consecutive years makes you a part of The Parliament.

Does it matter when I make my gift during the year?

Consecutive gifts for The Parliament are determined in accordance with Rice’s fiscal year, which runs July 1 to June 30. For example, when you make a gift on June 30 and immediately make another gift on July 1, that’s considered two consecutive years of giving.

I forgot to make my gift to Rice last year. Can I make an extra gift this year, instead? Do I have to wait another three years to re-qualify for The Parliament?

The Parliament is meant to inspire sustained consecutive giving. Extra gifts are always appreciated but will not count toward membership in the giving society.

Do I have to give to the same area of campus each year in order to maintain my recognition?

Gifts that support Rice, anywhere on campus, are recognized by The Parliament. You do not have to give to the same fund, or even give the same amount, each year.

Do gifts AND pledges count toward my recognition? What about my reunion/multi-year pledge?

Only gifts and pledge payments received during Rice’s fiscal year (July 1–June 30) count toward fulfillment of consecutive giving requirements for The Parliament.

I choose to give through a donor-advised fund. Will that gift assure that I am part of The Parliament after three consecutive years of giving?

Yes, The Parliament recognizes donors who recommend grants from donor-advised funds.

What recognition will I receive as a part of The Parliament?

Yearly Parliament recognition includes a different commemorative image each year. Milestone years will receive special recognition. Signature events will be offered annually, providing The Parliament with a fresh experience each year.

Which giving milestones are recognized?

You are welcomed to The Parliament with 3 years of consecutive giving. Giving milestones of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years will receive special recognition. Donors who have given for 25+ years are inducted into The Parliament Hall of Fame.

I have given for 25 consecutive years. Do I need to keep giving in order to maintain recognition by The Parliament?

Yes, up-to-date consecutive giving is key to being a part of this loyal group of donors. Please continue to give (any amount!) in order to maintain your place in The Parliament.

How soon after making my contribution to Rice will I receive my commemorative gift?

Commemorative gifts are sent annually, after the close of Rice’s fiscal year (June 30).

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