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"We must be bold."

President John F. Kennedy at Rice Stadium, 1962

Nearly 60 years ago, President Kennedy chose Rice University to announce a moonshot — the moonshot — that would advance human progress and possibility for generations. Today, as we face a new era of change and challenge, this spirit of daring exploration and determination to embrace the hard work ahead is needed more than ever.



We are grateful to our many generous supporters who have invested in the pathbreaking work of our students, faculty and staff through the Be Bold campaign. Thanks to you, we are well over halfway toward our goal of raising $2B by December 31, 2025.


President David W. Leebron

David Leebron

President, Rice University

A Message from the President

When President John F. Kennedy famously challenged the U.S. to place a man on the moon in less than a decade, it was an audacious goal to transport human beings 240,000 miles across space and bring them safely back to earth when man had barely flown beyond earth’s atmosphere. To do this, Kennedy said, “we must be bold.” This challenge—to push beyond limitations for the betterment of humanity—is one we still embrace today.

Rice’s continued commitment to excellence, opportunity and impact has carried us to this pivotal moment when the university is increasing its reach and reputation and our faculty and students are prepared to make bold contributions across many fields. Your support of the Be Bold campaign will fuel our highest aspirations, ensuring that we provide the best opportunities to the most talented students, researchers and scholars and enable them to address some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

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A Message from the Chairman of the Board

When I consider what it means to Be Bold, I think of Rice’s resilience in challenging times and the ability to see, and seize, opportunities to contribute our insight, creativity and innovations. Our community has always come together and emerged stronger, poised for ever-greater impact. The Be Bold campaign is an opportunity to accelerate that impact and to share our vision and talent with Houston and the world.

I am also inspired by the boldness of our talented faculty, staff and students, who are working to distinguish themselves and to propel Rice forward as a leader in higher education. Rice’s culture has long been one of collaboration and achievement, and the Be Bold campaign promises to build on these strengths and to serve as a conduit toward greater possibility.

Co-Chair Robert Ladd

Robert T. Ladd '78

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rice University



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