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Bold discoveries start with compelling questions: Can the search for life on other planets help us understand the origin of life on Earth? What new materials will power the energy transition or enable more environmentally-friendly products? Does the science of human movement hold the keys to improved recovery from disease and trauma? How do we exploit the quantum properties of atoms, electrons and light to revolutionize computation or make ultraprecise sensors? Can bacteria be programmed to diagnose and cure illness or transform waste into high value chemicals?

By exploring compelling questions at the boundaries of human understanding — from the quantum to the cosmos, the theoretical to material, the physiological to environmental — we will advance fundamental knowledge and uncover unforeseen possibilities for progress. Join us in supporting the bold, forward-looking students and faculty in the Natural Sciences whose discoveries inspire our curiosity about the universe and lay the foundations for tomorrow's technological revolutions.

With your help, we will:

  • Lead scientific breakthroughs that will protect the Earth, transition society to clean energy and sustain our environment by establishing a multidisciplinary Institute for Earth, Energy and the Environment.
  • Advance materials discovery, design and manufacturing to improve quality of life and accelerate economic growth through the Ralph S. O'Connor Building for Engineering and Science.
  • Put Rice at the forefront of the quantum revolution through the Rice Quantum Initiative.
  • Explore new worlds to sustain life on Earth — and create a world-leading hub for planetary habitability and astrobiology.
  • Improve our understanding of living organisms and advance medicine, chemical synthesis and environmental monitoring with synthetic biology.
  • Strengthen health, disease prevention and trauma recovery through a nationally renowned human performance and kinesiology program.
  • Give all undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to develop the skills they need to become the scientific leaders and decision makers of tomorrow.

To explore possibilities and discuss your impact, contact Jackie Macha, Director of Development for Natural Sciences, at or 713-348-4268.

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