Rice Annual Fund

A powerful source of current-use, unrestricted funding that enables our students and faculty to reach their full potential.

Rice Annual Fund Results

We are proud to share that our dedicated Owls soared to a new record of $8 million raised for student life and learning last fiscal year (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016)! More than 18,000 Rice alumni, family and friends generously gave back to the university, including a remarkable 11,319 undergraduate alumni. Your efforts led Rice to an impressive 33.2% giving participation rate. Go Owls!

Visit our Stories page to learn more about how your gift to the Rice Annual Fund is making an impact for our community, including our dedicated college coordinators, Lovett College’s “Infant Prez” and the students who are proud to call Rice home.

The Rice Annual Fund and the Initiative for Students: The Perfect Match

A gift to the Rice Annual Fund is a gift to the Initiative for Students, Rices three-year volunteer engagement and giving effort designed to sustain and enhance Rices remarkable student experience, now in its second century. Through the initiative, our alumni, parents and friends are strengthening financial aid and academic excellence, while substantially expanding opportunities for leadership, innovation and professional development.

The Rice Annual Fund supports these university priorities in three important ways: 

(1) Accessibility — As the primary channel for current-use scholarship support, the Annual Fund helps fulfill Rices mission to recruit the best students — regardless of their financial circumstances — while meeting 100% of student need.

(2) Far-reaching impact — The Annual Fund has an impact on nearly every aspect of the student experience by supporting academic and leadership programs, residential college life, career development, undergraduate and graduate research, and other student programs.

(3) Collective support —The Annual Fund enables all alumni, parents and friends to give what they can each year knowing that they are joining thousands of fellow donors in having a powerful collective impact on the student experience. 

We invite you to read more about the Annual Fund below or visit owledge.rice.edu to explore the Initiative for Students.

Impact of the Rice Annual Fund

The Rice Annual Fund is the most popular vehicle through which our supporters give to Rice. We look to our alumni and friends for their support of the Annual Fund every year in order to have an immediate and meaningful impact that keeps Rice Rice.

Student Support

Undergraduate scholarships and graduate student support provided by the Annual Fund help close the gap between talent and financial need.

Academic Resources

Classroom technology and library resources support our academic mission for every student.

Strength and Flexibility

Unrestricted, current-use funds serve as a bridge between long-term goals and the immediate, pressing needs of today.

The Ideal Balance

Gifts to the Annual Fund fuel residential college life, recreation and wellness resources, outreach programs for community engagement, and intramural and club sports, helping Rice strike the perfect balance between academic excellence, a cohesive support system and vibrant extracurricular opportunities. 

Learn more about the areas across campus that the Rice Annual Fund supports (PDF)

Alumni Participation is Essential

A longstanding tradition of support for your alma mater.

An important goal of the Rice Annual Fund and our volunteers is to increase undergraduate alumni rates of participation. The Annual Fund and the entire Rice community benefit greatly when more undergraduate alumni give to Rice each year, because:

  • There is strength in numbers. In fiscal year 2016, gifts of $250 or less from undergraduate alumni combined to total more than $552,000.
  • High rates of participation reflect our alumni’s support of the university’s mission and their desire to remain connected to Rice.
  • Publications like U.S. News and World Report consider undergraduate alumni participation when determining Rice’s national college ranking each year. These rankings heavily influence how third parties view Rice and affect the university’s ability to secure grants from corporations and other organizations.


Each year, more than 700 alumni, parents and students serve in leadership roles for Annual Fund programs.

Rice Annual Fund volunteers are ambassadors for the university, making important connections and encouraging classmates and peers to participate in the university's tradition of giving back.

Because alumni share a common Rice experience with their classmates, alumni volunteers are in a unique position to be facilitators between their university and their classmates and to advocate for support of the Rice Annual Fund.

Volunteering is a great way to stay in touch with your classmates while making a positive impact on the current student experience at Rice.

Contact us to learn about volunteering for the Rice Annual Fund at 713-348-4991 or giving@rice.edu.

Leadership Giving

The leading philanthropic commitment level that keeps Rice Rice.

The Rice Annual Fund relies on a strong tradition of leadership giving to support the scholarships, academic resources and campus life initiatives that keep Rice unique and vibrant.

Gifts to the Annual Fund at or above the leadership level ($2,500 or more) make up a very significant proportion of giving totals.

Learn more about Rice Annual Fund Leadership Giving (PDF)

Young Alumni Support

Graduates of the last decade strengthening Rice through collective support and active participation.

Young alumni make up over 25 percent of Rice University’s overall alumni base. That represents a significant proportion of our alumni — and the potential to make a big difference as volunteers and donors.

Young alumni who give at the leadership level enjoy special recognition and Rice networking opportunities as members of the Edgar Odell Lovett Society or Charter Society. Over 180 young alumni became philanthropic leaders in 2015–2016!

Your recognition as part of a giving society is based on your yearly support of the Rice Annual Fund (July 1–June 30).

Lovett Society

  • Classes of 2006–2007: $2,500
  • Classes of 2008–2016: $1,000

Charter Society          

  • Classes of 2006–2007: $1,000
  • Classes of 2008–2012: $500
  • Classes of 2013–2016: $250

Graduate Student Support

The Rice Annual Fund supports research, teaching and learning for every graduate student, every day.

As we advance into Rice’s second century, our areas of promise will become our newest examples of research preeminence. The Rice Annual Fund enhances Rice’s graduate student experience and addresses some of our students’ and faculty members’ highest priorities, including:

  • Financial assistance, including nearly $500,000 in graduate student support.
  • The latest lab and classroom technology.
  • Current-use funds for departmental budgets.
  • Student travel grants to regional and national conferences.
  • Student organizations, including the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Learn more about Supporting Rice Graduate Studies (PDF)

Rice Annual Fund Scholars

Connect with today's students while you support Rice.

The Rice Annual Fund now offers a stronger way to connect to today's students while you support their hard work and talent: the Rice Annual Fund Scholars program. When you direct your gift specifically to undergraduate scholarships or graduate student support, you can personally see the direct impact of your gift. 

Learn more about the newly enhanced Rice Annual Fund Scholars program.


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