Advancing Technology in Neuroengineering with Roy Phillips ’26

Advancing Technology in Neuroengineering with Roy Phillips ’26
Roy Phillips ’26

Roy Phillips is no stranger to making the most of the opportunities that Rice has granted him. Since spending his undergraduate years at Rice, he is now working diligently towards getting his doctorate in electrical and computer engineering. As he reflects on his time at Rice, he can see the many ways Rice has helped him work towards his biggest dreams.

“In undergrad, I came into college knowing that I wanted to understand the brain and use technology to do so,” Roy explained. “Rice’s neuroengineering specialization within electrical engineering stood out to me, and although it seemed difficult, I love a challenge. I ended up loving what I was learning enough to continue down that road as a graduate student.”

Roy’s curiosity about the ways the human brain functions and the ins and outs of cognition have led him to his current project – configuring a low-cost, non-invasive diagnostic tool that can detect mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions. His goal with this project is to provide a more effective and efficient alternative to MRI and CT scan concussion diagnoses. Working in the lab of Behnaam Aazhang, director of Rice’s Neuroengineering Initiative, Roy is helping to develop a wearable diagnostic system that is not only more accurate, but less expensive and more mobile.

“I want to further my research on improving low-cost diagnostic tools to help people with cognitive dysfunction,” Roy clarified. “Rice has provided valuable resources and helped me connect with and learn from peers, faculty and the Texas Medical Center community. For me, Rice has been a game-changer in solidifying my ability to make a difference doing the work I’m most passionate about.”

“I want those who have invested in the Rice Annual Fund to know that I’m so thankful. I deeply care about my work, and I hope that you continue to invest in other Rice students’ passions, hopes and dreams. There’s a world of opportunity out there for every single one of us.”

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